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Applied Knowledge brings you personal empowerment. Arm yourself with information, with knowledge to make informed antiques and collectibles value decisions. Nationally known, television, radio, and newspaper featured appraisers, specialty asset brokers, and antique dealers Randeen Cummings Nelson and Wm. R. (Randy) Nelson want to share with you our knowledge. We want to empower you to make informed decisions about antiques and collectibles. We invite you to take the Antique Quest journey. Enjoy. Learn. Support, contribute and share, this is your site.

Title: Antiques and Collectibles Antique Quest
The Truth is in the Pudding

Antiques. Collectibles. Silver. Fine Art, Prints, Folk Art. Heirlooms, Vintage, Estate. All these words infer items from the past. Being old doesn’t necessarily mean something is valuable dollar wise. But, it is a good start, because if it is old (and well cared for) it may very well be valuable. We will prepare you to discern the “truth in the pudding” of antiques, revivals, reruns and reproductions.

As appraisers and, often, when we were antiques and collectibles dealers, the treasure we went to see was more in the trashe’ range. Then something would catch our eye and we’d say, “What about that?” Almost always, the reply: “Oh, you mean that old thing?” Yes, that other old ignored ‘thing’ was the treasure. In many households or collections, the antiques, collectibles, and heirlooms ignored were often of good or even great dollar value.

When a person would call us with a “genuine 200 or 300 year old antique”, we would chuckle. Folklore. We learned quickly that it might be worth going to see as it just might, might be 50-75 years old. People think in generations such as grandparents, great grandparents, but we forget that each generation is a 20 year cycle generally, but each generation can live for many 20 year cycles.

We have gone into backyard gardens while visiting or consulting with our clients. Partially hidden in the dirt or carelessly thrown with other garden pots, we have discovered gorgeous Weller, Roseville, and even Rookwood art pottery. We have saved fine costume jewelry, historic paper, stamps, Depression Glass, many antiques and collectibles from the trash heap. Tarnished sterling silver and even 10-14K gold pieces are often found in the “for donation” boxes.

Knowledge is Power and we want to empower you here in Antique Quest to be able to recognize quality, an idea of age and history. Empower you to more easily discern the difference between antique and reproduction, quality and fraud. We’ll do our best to empower you with the basic tools of the trade. We are offering over 70 years of combined antiques, collectibles, and value experience for your benefit.

18-19th Century furnishings accents and lighting, Fine and Folk art. Glass, china, ceramics, pottery. Textiles, jewelry, and accessories. Comics, celebrity, and sports memorabilia. Rare, old books and paper. The categories of antiques and collectibles are endless. We will provide you with an abundance of new informational, educational articles as quickly as we can. You can review our qualifications and information about us under the Avaluequest home link.

Our goal is an ongoing commitment and service to you. Offered:

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Our until now Secrets offered as an Estate Sale Do It Yourself Kit compiled for the novice and for experienced estate sale reps
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We welcome you, your opinions, your contributions, your questions, your knowledge and experiences good and bad.
Stay awhile, learn alot, enjoy, share, contribute, buy with confidence. This is your antiques and collectibles Antique Quest.