Randeen M. Cummings-Nelson, AiSV

Certified Appraiser of Personal Property (CAPP)

Professional Profile

Randeen M. Cummings Nelson ISA, CAPPExperience

  • 1986 – Present:
    • Private Personal Property Appraisal Practice (DBA “Cummings and Associates”), Appraisals in Oregon, Utah, California, Washington, and Alaska
    • Equitable Distribution, Estate Probate, IRS Estate, Charitable Contributions, Gift Cassualty Loss, Insurance, Insurance Loss, Resale, Pre/Post Purchase Confirmation of Value
    • Collateral and Business Contents Appraisals and Value Consultations
    • Insurance Arbitration, Estate Mediation, Expert Witness and Trial Value Consultant
    • Expert Estate Consultation and Estate Sales
    • Internet and Major Auction Client Brokering
    • Public Speaking, Class Presentations, Event Presentations for Generalist & Residential Estate Contents
    • AiS Certification Class Developer
    • AiSociety Governance Board Member
  • 1998 – Present: Valuation Consultant for Allstate
  • 2011- Present: Just Answer Expert – (2013) Value Consultant Lofty
  • 1980 – 2000: Owner of “Victorian Parlour” Antiques, Eugene, Oregon: Antiques, Fine Art, and Collectibles: Appraisals, Purchases, Sales, Restorations, Shows over the Western United States, Brokerage Service. Manager, Coburg Inn Antique Shops, Coburg, Oregon (1997-2000)
  • 1967 – 1979: Co-owner, Bookkeeper and Design Consultant for “Cummings Construction” in Casper, Wyoming, Commercial and Semi-Custom Homes, Backhoe Service, Cabinet Shop, and Land and Real Estate Development. Co-owner and Manager of “Cubbyhole Antiques”, Casper, Wyoming (From 1974)


  • Certified Member AiSCV AVS Elect: Appraisers International Society Certified Advanced Valuation Expert , Accredited International Valuer, Yearly re-certification (255+ hours) Jan-Oct 2013
  • AiSociety Governance Board Member: Residential-Estate Contents 2014-Current
    • January-July 2013 – AiS (Appraisers International Society) International Valuation Expert classes.
    • Completed AiCore I II III & Advanced III Trial Expert Witness, Advanced Appraisals for AiS-SV diploma; Completed Advanced Course & Testing
    • Dec 2013 Gems & Jewelry Specialty Valuation Course – In Collaboration with AiS on the Writing & Development of the AiS 2017-2018 Specialist Certification Courses “The Generalist Practioner Appraisal Course” “Residential , Estate, Appreciable Contents & “Representative Agency & Consultations for Estate & Downsizing Clients”
  • Certified Member, International Society of Appraisers; 1992-2013, re-qualified every 5 years, qualification current through 2013, changed membership to Ais 2013:
    • Certified in Appreciable Residential Contents (ARC)
    • National legislative (past 1993-1994), Executive Committee
    • Current ARC committee for editing 2010, Board Nominating Committee 2010-2012
  • Northwest Chapter ISA; Regional Co-President President of Oregon Chapter (1987-1996), Legislative Committee, Program Director (past); Co-President of NW Chapter, Executive Board 1999-2000
  • ISA 1993 National Convention Host Committee Chairperson held March 1993, Seattle, WA American Arbitration Association Regional Panel of Arbitrators (1992-1995) American Arbitration Association (Company Membership, 1992-1995) Mid Oregon Executive Association (MEA) (Past Membership) ; Executive Board member & President July 1993-July 1995 Membership Committee (1992-1993) *Eugene Chamber of Commerce & Coburg Chamber of Commerce (Past) * Appaloosa Horse Club (Past Membership)
  • 2014-now Linked In Developer & Manager of Landscaping Central, Organic Gardening, Pond & Fish Group


  • Current 2013: AiSCV-AVS AiV (Appraisers International Society Certified Valuer, Advanced Valuation Expert, Accredited International Valuer) * Certification Updated Yearly
  • July – October 2013: Completed Advance Valuation classes diplomas in: AiS Law, AiS, Tax, and AiS Trial Expert AVS designation
  • October 2013: Final testing for Certification Diplomas for AiSCV Certification (Appraisers International Society Certified Valuer) AiSCV designation
  • Specialty International Valuation Expert Diploma Certification, completion 2013-2014 Appreciable Residential Contents, collaboration in development of program for 2014 distribution through AiS.
  • June 27-28, 2008: Completed a 15 hour course & examination on the Uniform Standards of Professional, Appraisal Practice (USPAP), 2008-2013 (specifically for Federally regulated Realty Valuation)
  • June 2007-San Francisco Specialty Course, ISA, Appraisal of Japanese Prints
  • March 2006 – Santa Fe, New Mexico – ISA Re-certification Course & Test CAPP certification
  • March 1999 – Seattle Washington University of Maryland, School of Continuing Education and Professional Development. ISA Courses Included: Ethics, Methodology and Reasoning,Report Writing, Fiduciary Responsibilities, Appraisal Practices, and the Law.
  • Fall 1997 – Seattle, Washington, Re-Tested Updated, CAPP Certification
  • Fall 1993 – Spring 94 Lane Community College, Eugene, Oregon Principles of Accounting I & II, Economics, Microeconomics, Finance
  • July 1992 – ISA, in conjunction with Indiana University, Completion of Certified Appraiser of Personal Property (CAPP) program with specialty in Appreciable Contents earned CAPP Designation. (1992-2013 updated every 5 years)
  • November 1991 – May 1992 – ISA, Indiana University School of Continuing Studies, Bloomington, Indiana, Completion of Personal Property Specialty in Appreciable Residential Contents.
  • August 1991 – Seattle, Washington, ISA Advanced Education, Course 105 Appraiser as Expert Witness, Trial consultant, Review Appraiser, Litigation Management, and Legal Research; Advanced Appraisal theory, Methodology, and Report Writing
  • August 1991 – Seattle, Washington, Audited and Re-Tested Updated, Course 104 Federal Law Update, Tax Appraisal Issues, U.S. Tax Court decisions, IRS Seizures, U.C.C. Foreclosure, FDIC, Liquidation, Consumer Resale, Collateral Loans, Consumer Fraud, Insurance Claims and Arbitration
  • August 1990 – Seattle, Washington, ISA Updated Courses 102 and 103 Review and Retesting for Reaccreditation, Designation of “ISA” Credential
  • May 1990 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (on Scholarship) Course 104
  • September 1986 – Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana School of Continuing Studies, Completion of Core courses 101, 102, and 103 as required for accredited member status. Includes: Ethics, Methodology and Reasoning, Report Writing, Fiduciary Responsibilities, Appraisal Practices and the Law
  • 1967 – Butte, Montana, Attended Butte Business College (Graduated PCHS Deer Lodge, Mont. 1967)

Lectures, Public Speaking & Class Instructor

  • 2017: Seminar writer presenter for AiS membership on specialty brokering & generalist appr.
  • 2000-2001: Mendenhall Appraisal Fair August 2000, March 2001, Juneau, Alaska, Featured August 2000, March 2001 Juneau Alaska TV Appraisal Production
  • Feb. 1995: Appraiser Appraisalthon Featured Nationally FX Personal Television
  • 1993: Seattle, ISA National Conference Class Instructor on American Cut Glass
  • 1989-2013:Ongoing guest speaker and appraisal value education presentations, Internet classes (2001-2003) for Lane Community College, Peterson Barn, Westmoreland, River Road, Campbell, other Community Centers and Civic Groups in Eugene, Florence, Medford, Talent, Sisters, Oregon, Juneau Alaska, Centralia Washington, Evergreen Bank: Grants Pass & Gold Beach Oregon, Ameriprise Financial Group, Eugene & Coos Bay Oregon(2005-2006 2009, 2011)
  • Jan. 1991: Seminar Instructor “Developing Your Advertising Campaign” & Mediation Classes
  • 1989 –1996: Classes on Antique and Collectible Specialty Areas for several area community centers, and for the Coburg Inn Antique Shop
  • 1989-1990: Guest speaker for Civic and Community Activities including; Kiawanas, Christian Women’s Club and Friends of Norway

Published Articles

  • Featured Columns; 2011 Antique Trader “Ask Antique Trader” 2012 Eugene Register Guard, Featured Senior News 2000 & Featured Eugene Register Guard (Feb. 3, 1996)
  • Articles on Appraisal Issues Concerning the Public: Old Stuff Antique Newspaper, Creator and Contributing Writer “Appraisal Corner” Column (1990s) Coburg Inn Antique Shops “What’s News” 1995-1998
  • Senior News, Oregon published articles on estate and value issues for Seniors
  • Public Relations Marketing Articles for International Society of Appraisers
  • Books and Manuals written: National Convention Prototype for ISA (1994), “Steps to Successful
  • Internet Selling “So You Want To Be A Power Seller” (Co writer)


  • March 2009: Assets 2009 ISA Conference: Charleston & SC History, Tom Savage
    • Director Winterthur Museum; “Edwardian & Art Deco Jewelry” Nina Woolford,
    • Historic Charleston Jewelry by Dawn Evers-Corley, Charleston Historic Silver/English Influence, (Crabtrees)
    • Antiques & Residential Contents & Chapter Committee Meetings
    • Charleston Art by Angela Mack Exec. Director Gibbes Museum of Art
    • Appraising Tax Appraisals: The Reviewer’s Prospective by Jan Moffitt, Art Appraisal Services, IRS
    • Basics of the Expert Witness by Roger Durkin, “Bulls & Bears..Marketplace”(State of Markets)
    • Andrew Brunk and “To Die For: Patriotism in the American Arts” Wendell Garrett
    • Tours: Museum of Charleston, Magnolia Plantation, and NC Biltmore Mansion (after Conference)
  • March 2006: ISA Conference: Georgia O’Keefe Museum Tour; Santa Fe History & Culture by;
    • Tom Chavez; Science & Conservation with Appraisers – John Buxton, Mark Rasmussen, Karen Cheronis.
    • Role of the Appraiser in Protecting the Client from Disputed Valuation & Litigation with Robert Horn, Esq., Karen Rabb, ISA CAPP, Victor Weiner; Matriarchs of the SW – Andrea Fisher Gallery
    • Regional Navaho Weavings & Classic Navaho Weaving with Mark Winter
    • Beating the Bushes – Business Marketing – Brian Kathenes, ISA, CAPP & Leon Castner Ph.D. ISA, CAPP
  • March, 1999: University of Maryland, School of Continuing Education and Professional Development
  • March 1993: ISA Conference, Seattle, WA. Classes on 18th Century Porcelains, Tribal Art, Arts & Crafts, Period Furniture, Expert Witness, and Arbitration
  • Sept. 1992: Private Class seminar Legal Research tutorial from Bill Hoeffer, ISA, Paralegal, California
  • Sept. 1992: One day seminar on Trust Formation, IRS Flags and issues, and Consumer Fraud, California
  • Feb. 1992: Advocacy Arbitration Seminar, Seattle, Washington
  • May 1991: Time, Office & Stress Management Seminar, Eugene, Oregon
  • January 1991: Arbitration and Mediation practices, Seattle, Washington
  • May 1990: ISA Conference, Philadelphia, PA. Classes on Japanese Prints, Fine Art, Fakes and Forgeries, American Silver, French Furniture, Desktop Gemology, Jewelry, and Estate Sales and May 1990 – Winterthur Tours and Lectures